AOD on Jan 25 & 26 SF

Hey everyone, been a long while since my last update. Just wanted to post that I’ll be at AOD on Jan 25 & 26 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. I will be sharing a table with my buddies over at aurAspirality. Here’s a map of where I’ll be exactly.

Anime Expo 2013 and Kintoki Con recap

Well it’s been a while since my last entry, just been busy with work and school as always. Anime Expo was pretty exciting, by my speculation there was even more in attendance this year. I got to set up my new equipment for the first time and it looked way more professional then my janky white cages =P. I was a little out of the way this time, closer to the corner but I did meet a lot of interesting people. Some of the people I had met at Fanime also paid me a visit at AX, always good to see old customers. Btw, for future reference feel free to chat it up with me, I think I’m a friendly guy haha. 

Anyways AX was a good venture both for financial and leisurely agendas.

As for Kintoki, little bit on the slow side but I had fun just kicking my feet up and relaxing for a change. It was a good break from the chaos that occurred at Fanime and the hectic-ness of Anime Expo. I know I should have talked to my table neighbors more but I’m still a little bit on the shy side when meeting new table artists. I’ll say this much though, they were really nice people, they gave out food a lot o.O. Next time I’ll be sure to bring something good to share. 
I also debuted my completed New Age Blue Spirit (I wanted to wear it to AX but sadly the chest armor was not completed yet) and signed up for a photo-shoot. I am very eager to see the photos, the staff over at “At a Whim Photography” were really professional. I’ll post them up as soon as I get them.
Lastly, Future Conventions
I am confirmed for Japan Expo which takes place on August 23-25 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Table Placements haven’t been confirmed but I will update this journal entry once I get it. I am going to try to create some new art pieces for this event but it’s a 50/50 at the moment since my desktop pc hasn’t comeback from the repair shop yet.
Currently, I am looking for more conventions since when it hits the second half of the year, conventions start to slow down. If you have a suggestion, feel free post it up on this Journal or send me a note. 
This is my new layout after getting all the new equipment. This picture was taken on Day 3 of Anime expo 2013 so there is quite a few things missing from my set up. It still looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

This is my new layout after getting all the new equipment. This picture was taken on Day 3 of Anime expo 2013 so there is quite a few things missing from my set up. It still looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Anime Expo July 4-7 2013

This is pretty late, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic since Fanime just cleaned my inventory out. Lots of new stuff, I got a new display & equipment all ready and I’ll have 8 new creations to show off so be on the look out for my booth. My booth will be almost entirely revamped from what everyone saw at Fanime so don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize it at first. Unfortunately, Anime expo hasn’t supplied the public with a definitive map for the exhibitor hall but it will be in the attendee booklet. I’ll be at F9 and list as 777 Sprite Productions. 

Everything seen at Fanime 2013 is restocked
8 New items
As for cosplay, I’ve run into a few problems. The new weapons policy & the Airport TSA policies have unfortunately caught me by surprise and I will not be able to bring a number of my props. I’m going to bring my New Age Blue Spirit (minus the twin broadswords), my K’ cosplay from King of Fighters, and perhaps my Knight of Zero Suzaku Kururugi or my One Piece Ace Portgas cosplay (these two are still undecided). Less variety this time around but at least more people will get a chance to see them. I really wanted to bring my FFX Auron cosplay since people seemed to like it a lot but the Sword and Jug just take up too much space in my luggage and I have to jump through quite a few loops in the rules to get them safely to the convention center.
Update: Fanime 2013

UPDATE: locations just came out for Fanime 2013 again in the South Hall, I will be at seat 264 and my buddies at aurAspirality will be at 263

here’s the map:

Fanime Plans 2013 and SF Cherry Blossom Recap

Late Late Late
I am nearing the final stretch for finals so I can finally do a recap for SF’s Cherry Blossom Festival….FINALLY. This event was a bit of a gamble for me, during previous years I was only a spectator and that was already pretty hectic. Luckily, :iconhyperbooster: helped me get a table and I jumped right in. Although SF Cherry Blossom Festival has a good number of Anime/Manga fans, they don’t necessarily make up the larger portion of the attendees which was the thing I was most worried about. However, it turned around fairly well, I got to introduce my art pieces to a crowd that was entirely new and chatted it up with many unexpected art lovers. I was already there with my buddies from :iconauraspirality: nerding it up and what not but I also met a good amount of new friends like my friendly neighbor :iconsteph-laberis:, photographer :iconpineapple-pocky: (check out her blog new Artists who want to do AA =D), artist I annoyed a lot =X :icontesoro-universe:, second artist I annoyed a lot =X :icondarkkenjie:, pastel artist :iconcoreybass:, and a fellow perler artist :iconmy-dark-dreams:. Overall it was really awesome meeting everyone, pretty sure I will be back next year. Nice artists, nice customers, good business

Onto Fanime, it seems there are a lot of complications this year due to the construction in the convention center. This year the artist alley is going to be in the South Hall which is described as, from one of my rover friends, a giant airplane hangar. Although on the outside it just looks like a blue circus tent, Fanime staff confirmed that it will be air-conditioned, bathrooms will be available close to the area, and they will post AA signs up everywhere in the convention center.
here’s a map that was provided on the Artist Alley FB. Remember AA in the South Hall this year

I currently have 4 new things to showcase but I think I can get up to 6-8 if I manage to finish restocking early.

I’ve seen a couple of my artist buddies from previous conventions posting up on the AA Facebook but I’m not sure as to whether they got a table or not. Crossing my fingers that they did. The good news is that Fanime will have roughly 350-400 artists (this is my own personal estimate from speculation) that’s about 50-100 more then last year but the bad news is that we might be jammed packed in there ><. No email on where I’ll be in the seating chart yet, staff says that they are working on it, really hoping it is soon. I’ll update the journal when I get it.

Lastly, for my cosplay plans I may be debuting my Ace D. Portgas costume, along with version 2 of the New Age Blue Spirit, and finally my Auron costume. I got someone to watch my table for me this time around so I can actually attend a few gatherings, not sure what to expect, excited but kinda nervous at the same time. Probably be wandering around a little more often this time.

Future Conventions
Anime-Expo 2013
Kintoki 2013

SF Cherry Blossom Festival

Hey everyone, been a while since I last posted but just wanted to announce that I’ll be at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival for both weekends of April 13-14 and April 20-21. I will be situated near the Kinokuniya book store along with my partner in crime :iconauraspirality:. I have a few new things to showcase but I might just save that until Fanime rolls around since I have only half a table at this event. It’ll actually be my first time selling my crafts at the SF Cherry Blossom Festival since the tables are a little pricey but attending is free. Every year, I think that the organizers close a very large portion of the city just for the parade and vendors that line the streets. It is very crowded so I would suggest you take the bus if you plan to attend, I personally have had very bad experiences trying to drive there merely as a spectator. I maybe taking commissions this time around since I have a week in between April 13-14 and April 20-21 but I am currently unsure of whether I will have the time or not (school, work and all that).

I am 90% sure I’ll be in my Auron cosplay again like at AOD, going to try to finish the sake jug this week perhaps I’ll also bring out my Blue Spirit on Sunday or maybe the following week. My Ace D. Portgas cosplay is still in the works possibly making an appearance on April 20-21. I may wear my Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio Cosplay but I’m still kinda 50/50 on that.

I have been preliminarily approved into Fanime 2013 but there seems to be quite a lot of chaos between the organizers and the Artist Alley right now. I understand that the convention center is under construction but apparently we are going to be in the South Hall which sounds very unpleasant at least from the descriptions given by other Artists on Facebook. Hopefully everything will be resolved by the time Fanime starts, only about a month or two away.

Future Conventions
Fanime 2013
Anime Expo 2013
Kintoki-Con 2013

AOD 2013 Recap

This is probably pretty late, about one week late in fact but here’s the recap for Animation on Display 2013

Business was pretty much the same as always, this time the buying patterns seemed to be a little more spread out. I am glad people liked my new line of pokemon as well as my newer works of Hatsune Miku and Nova. Attendees over at the con had a hard time seeing me when I was behind my booth because there were simply too many things to display. A lot of my fans have been asking for more and more characters and it’s taking up a lot of space especially if I am sharing with another artist but in the end it all worked out, made a decent profit as always. I had a blast sitting next to my buddies over at :iconauraspirality: as always and bought some stickers and a really cool commission of Chris and Claire Redfield from my neighbor Onihat. I wanted to commission something from :iconautomaticgiraffe: but I had no idea what character to ask for plus he looked pretty busy throughout the convention, I don’t think I saw him stop drawing once during the duration of AOD o.O. I didn’t get to talk to :iconseenday: very much but she was probably just really busy as well =)

Despite making a profit higher then last year, it felt like attendence was lower then it was in 2012 maybe it’s because most of the cosplayers and attendees were in the Japantown Plaza strutting their cosplays and stuff haha. I’m glad that I received a pretty positive response for my Auron cosplay, I was actually a little nervous since I don’t believe that I am a very photogenic person. I think half the time, I was holding the sword in the wrong hand or my collar wasn’t aligned right, plus I was really out of character when the Lulu and Yuna asked for a picture together (still having a hard time with staying in character for photos ><), many of my other cosplays, I’m hiding under a mask or hood so this was certainly a first. However because of the positive response, I may just opt for more cosplays where I am not wearing a mask, currently considering Fire Fist Ace D. Portgas or S.T.A.R.S. Albert Wesker and probably gonna try Knight of Zero Suzaku again (maybe the wig just needs a trim).

Special thanks to my buddies at :iconauraspirality: for the Japanese Lemon Ice Tea, Anderson Bakery Jalapeno Bread, and Chocorooms

AOD2013 February 16-17

Hey everyone, I finished the last of my artworks for AOD 2013 today. I have everything that was on display at the Spring Sacanime Convention plus much more. There is a total of 16 new items that are ready to be showcased so get HYPE! =D (prices for these items are still being debated)

I’m not sure if I’ll be cosplaying or not this time around since I am hoping that the weather will warm up. If it does warm up, I’ll be planning to wear my New Age Blue Spirit or my mostly finished Final Fantasy X Auron cosplay.

Animation on Display will be in San Francisco Japantown at the Hotel Kabuki
Taking place on Feb 16-17, Sat and Sun
Map of AOD 2013 Artist Alley

:iconviithegambler: will be at Table 17 in Artist Alley: Party Central with my buddies over at :iconauraspirality: on the bottom floor of the hotel

My friend :iconseenday: will be sharing table 19 upstairs with :iconjokerkilljoy:, be sure to check out her Super Fancy Super Refined Artworks :gallery:

Super Serious :iconimsoseriousplz:, its fancy stuff :iconfancyplz:

Sacanime 2013 aftermath

Back in San Francisco.
Its kinda of relief when a convention is over but it is also kinda sad.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting very much from Sacanime as my experience from Spring of 2012 was rather mediocre but the location change to the Sacramento Convention Center was what drew me in. I think there were about 76 different artists in attendance in the alley some I had met and some I had never met. Everyone was quite courteous and most of my customers were polite aside from maybe 4 or 5.

Everything that I showed off at the J-pop festival was in full stock and there were a couple of few additions to my pokemon line. I did much better in sales compared to Sacanime’s Spring of 2012 most likely due to the sudden spike in attendees. I shared a table with my buddies over at Auraspirality and met some new friends from [link] (they art traded me some really cool buttons). I am eager to start on new large sprites but it probably won’t be available till Fanime. AOD is coming up soon and I don’t think I’ll be able to build stock and come up with new stuff in the one month span. Based on this experience, I am certain that I will be back next year with higher expectations.

I am glad to see that people liked my New Age Blue Spirit perhaps I should have just worn that for both Friday and Saturday. There were quite a few assassin’s running around on all days and all of them were pretty awesome. However I think I am starting to lose interest in my AC cosplay maybe I’ll retire it for a little while or modify enough of it so it is a little more distinctive. Missed the Kevin Conroy and Grey DeLisle panel/autograph signings that I really wanted to attend but work comes first. I am hopeful that I’ll get another chance to meet them.

Well that’s it for now see you guys and gals at AOD.